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About Us

Pacific Coast Models is an importing/distributing company specializing in aircraft and armor kits and accessories from the 1930's to the present. Telephone us at: 707-538-4850. E-mail at: info@pacmodels.com. Fax: 707-585-7933 or 538-8183. Click here for more information!

News/New Items

Updated 8/28/15. KittyHawk announces their new 1:48 XF5U-1 "Flying Pancake" (KH 80135) and their new 1:32 F-86K Interceptor (KH 32008). ETA Oct. TAKING PRE-ORDERS! TAKOM announces a new 1:35 Russian T-14 "Armata" MBT (TAK 35.2029). ETA late October. It is up in our catalog for pre-orders. We are pleased to announce that we will be distributing Rye Field Models products. Their first new kit is the 1:35 German Tiger I, Ausf.E Tunisia(RM 35001). ETA is late October. It is up in our catalog for pre-orders. TAKOM announces 3 new 1:35 British Chieftain kits. The MK.Vp, MK.10 and MK.11 (TAK 35 2026, 2028 & 2027.). We are arranging shipping as our order is ready to ship to us. TAKOM's 4 new 1:35 kits; the 1:35 WWII German 128mm Flak 70 Zwilling (TAK 35 2023), the 1:35 Skoda PA-II "Turtle" armored car (TAK 35 2024), the 1:35 Ukrainian KrAZ 6332 6 X 6 Heavy Truck(TAK 35 2022) and the Bundeswehr FUG 2.5T Loader(TAK 35 2021) are now in stock. Pre-orders are shipping. KITTYHAWK announces their new 1:32 P-39Q/N "Airacobra" (KH 32013) which is now on the water to us. TAKOM announces 3 new kits! The 1:35 British WWI MK. A "Whippet" medium tank (TAK 35 2025) and the 1:35 German Krupp 21cm Morser 10/16 2 in 1 kit (TAK 35 2032). These 2 are now in stock! The 1:35 British WWI MK.V heavy tank 3 in 1 kit (TAK 35 2034) will arrive in Late September.

Our Freight Policy

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Retailer Program

If you are a retail hobby shop with a store and you are interested in selling some or all of our lines, please contact us by e-mail at: info@pacmodels.com or fax us at: 707-538-8183. You may also call us at 707-538-4850. We offer a good program that supports you, the retailer. Contact us for details.


If you have any question or even a comment for Pacific Coast Models, Inc. please do not hesitate and use our contact form. You can call us at: 707-538-4850 or write to us at: Pacific Coast Models, Inc., 2987 Wiljan Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. E-mail: info@pacmodels.com.


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Resin Kit Info

Are you experienced building resin kits? Would you like to have your knowledge benefit newer resin kit builders? We are looking for more articles from experienced resin kit builders to put here. Please contact info@pacmodels.com


This section is for photos of models built with the kits we sell. We will be re-doing this section in the next two weeks. Then we will announce that new photos can be sent into us. You can also write a short review of the kit which we will put up if there is room. Please contact us at info@pacmodels.com. Thank you.